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Company news about 5 types of astronomical telescopes

5 types of astronomical telescopes


Latest company news about 5 types of astronomical telescopes

1. Refracting telescope: Use a convex lens or concave mirror as the objective lens to form an image by refracting or reflecting light. Galilean and Keplerian are common types of refractor telescopes.



2. Reflecting telescope: Use a parabolic reflector as the primary mirror to form an image by reflecting light. Newtonian telescopes and Cassegrain telescopes are common types of reflecting telescopes.

3. Catadioptric telescope: Add a refractor to the optical path of the reflecting telescope to correct image distortion. Schmidt-Cassegrain and Maksutov-Cassegrain are common catadioptric telescope types.

4. Radio telescope: used to observe radio waves emitted by celestial bodies, and to collect and analyze these signals. Radio telescopes can have very large apertures to capture weak signals.

5. Space telescope: A telescope placed in space can avoid atmospheric interference on observations. The Hubble Space Telescope is the most famous of them, and its observation images are very clear without atmospheric interference.

These telescope types play an important role under different observation conditions and scientific objectives, providing important observation tools for our understanding of the universe.


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