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Company news about A guide to picking an entry-level telescope for kids

A guide to picking an entry-level telescope for kids


Latest company news about A guide to picking an entry-level telescope for kids

If you pay attention a little, you will find there is always a type of props appears in recent years TV dramas or movies - astronomical telescopes. It seems that in the eyes of the screenwriter, people who regard stargazing and exploring the moon as a hobby will definitely have lofty aspirations.

The first thing to emphasize is that astronomical telescopes have a strong ability to gather light. If the child uses it to aim at the sun or other strong light sources inadvertently, it will cause irreversible damage to the eyesight, and it must be used under the supervision of the parents.


If the parameters of a mobile phone are memory, screen size, resolution, etc., many beginners will subconsciously think "astronomical telescopes", of course, is to see how far they can see? In fact, "far" is not the only evaluation index.

The important thing is to see the details of the celestial objects. There are four main parameters of the astronomical telescope:
Aperture/ Caliber
Focal Length / Focal Length
Magnification/ magnification
Computer Control
Simply put, the larger the aperture, the darker the celestial objects can be seen, and the more details can be distinguished, and the larger the aperture, the more expensive it is.

The magnification of the telescope is related to the focal length. Moderate magnification is the best. If it is too large, it will not be able to see the details. Computer control is the icing on the cake. You can't just look at how many meters are written on the e-commerce platform.


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