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Company news about Binoculars for Bird Watching

Binoculars for Bird Watching


Latest company news about Binoculars for Bird Watching

Why not Spotting scope? It must be installed with a tripod, otherwise it will shake so that you can't see it at all. The tripod is both an expense and not conducive to carrying.
The point is, with spotting scope, as a beginner, you can't find birds at all!

The minimum magnification of Spotting scope is 15X. With such a large magnification, the field of view is very small. You see a bird, install the tripod, and then adjust the spotting scope. Even if the bird stops there and does not fly, you may not be able to find it quickly. If the tripod shakes slightly, what you see in the eyepiece will change a lot.


The binocular is more compact, easy to carry, and easy to use. In particular, the advantages of roof binocular are more obvious.
1. Roof prisms system makes it very compact and easy to carry.
2. BAK-4 Prisms and Fully Multi Coating provide a higher refractive index rate, brighter edges field of view.
3. Definitely a good choice for spotting.
4. Durable body with rubber armor for shock-resistance ,anti-skid ,firm grip.
5. The binoculars weigh only 400-600 grams and the neck strap is extra widened and thickened.
6. Excellent structural design and precision assembly make it perform well in water- resistance and dust- resistance
Perfect for outdoor activities.
Do you prefer to bring a binocular or a spotting scope for spring hiking?
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