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Company news about How Far Can The Binocular Telescope See?

How Far Can The Binocular Telescope See?


Latest company news about How Far Can The Binocular Telescope See?

Factor 1. Stability
When looking at something far away through a telescope, stability is important. Generally speaking, when holding a telescope with a power of more than 10 times, because of human breathing, heartbeat and shaking of the supporting hand, looking at distant scenes will cause the field of vision to shake, and it is meaningless to be unable to watch the target object stably, so high magnification needs to be used. 1 tripod

Factor 2, Airflow and Dust
So can you see the face of someone ten kilometers away by buying the ideal high-power lens and a tripod? In theory, it is possible, but there is air on the earth and it is flowing, and there is dust in the air at the same time. When your telescope zooms in on distant targets, it is also zooming in on the dust in the airflow. The sky looks clear to the naked eye, but the telescope looks like it is covered with a layer of veil. At the same time, because the field of view becomes smaller and the reflected light becomes weaker, the picture becomes darker, and the target object is still unclear.

So in the final analysis, the telescope is not to see farther than anyone, but to see whose image is clearer and the view is more comfortable under a certain magnification. Just like a high-resolution full-body photo of a person, the dirt in the nails can be seen after the picture is enlarged. If the resolution is too low, it will become a mosaic when zoomed in on the hand.

For example, this 8X YBRED07 can see how far away things are. Because the mobile phone uses a wide-angle lens, whether it is the front view or the rear view, the effect of observing the target is much farther than that of the eye, so the photo below can only be used as a reference scale for zooming in, and the zooming effect of the eye is equivalent to the photo. Then magnify the effect by 8 times, and it is much clearer than the picture.

In general, YBRED07 is very shocking to me. I didn't expect the telescope to have such a clear field of view.


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