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Company news about How to choose a spotting scope Ⅱ

How to choose a spotting scope Ⅱ


Latest company news about How to choose a spotting scope Ⅱ

7. scope body material:
The top model will use aluminum-magnesium alloy to make the scope body, which is solid and light, but of course it is expensive. There are also some models that are made of composite materials. We generally believe in the durability of metal, after all, it has passed the test of time. Common fuselages are made of aluminum alloy, which is cheap and reliable. For the sake of price, you don’t have to worry about the weight being a little bit heavier than aluminum-magnesium alloy. There are also many scope bodies made of plastic, or rolled with thin iron sheets, the price is cheaper, but the lifespan is shorter, so it is not recommended to buy
8. Nitrogen-filled waterproof:
This is a very popular technology. It injects dry and clean nitrogen gas into the sealed cavity of the telescope to prevent fogging, mildew and the intrusion of dust and moisture inside the telescope. It can adapt to the field environment with variable climate. Greatly improve the service life of the telescope. Now some high-end models have begun to use argon gas with high molecular weight, low loss and high stability as the filling gas inside the telescope. Of course, the cost will be higher than nitrogen gas.


9. Center of gravity position:
For a good telescope, the center of gravity should preferably be at the position where the quick release plate is connected, so that it will be very easy to change the direction of the spotting scope. Sometimes the appearance design must obey the optical design, resulting in the deviation of the center of gravity, so it is necessary to use a small accessory such as a center of gravity slider to correct the position of the center of gravity.
10. Focusing:
It is recommended to use the spotting scope with internal focusing, because when the telescope with this structure focuses, the objective len and eyepiece are fixed, and only a negative lens inside the telescope moves. The advantage of this structure is that it can achieve higher airtightness. In addition, the feel of focusing is very important. Too loose damping will easily slip through the clear point, and too tight damping will make your fingers tired. Tightening and loosening damping can drive you crazy, like sitting on a seesaw, unable to find a balance point. The single-tube spotting scope of high-end models will have two focusing wheels, one for coarse adjustment and the other for fine adjustment, so that the focusing can take into account both speed and precision. The position of the focus wheel is also particular. Generally speaking, the right hand is more flexible, so it is best to choose a monocular with the focus wheel on the right.
11. 45 degree spotting scope VS straight spotting scope:
A 45 degree spotting scope is generally recommended, because it is the most comfortable to observe with. If you have a straight spotting scope, you must extend the tripod to a higher position to get the eyes, which will reduce the stability of the tripod. However, a straight spotting scope is more suitable for connecting to a small digital camera to shoot birds, because the line of sight and the direction of the telescope are consistent.
12. Tripod and car window mount:
Tripods and car window mount are problems that many novices tend to ignore. Most people are often reluctant to spend money on tripods and heads. A light and reliable tripod is very important. Light weight can reduce the burden when trekking in the field, and firmness can improve the stability of high-magnification observation. If the economy permits, a carbon tripod is a good choice. Some cheap domestic aluminum alloy tripods also perform well. It is recommended to choose the Car Window Mount Holder controlled by a single handle, which is the easiest to operate.
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