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Company news about How to Choose a telescope?

How to Choose a telescope?


Latest company news about How to Choose a telescope?

Is the higher the magnification, the better?


Most people intuitively believe that the higher the magnification of the telescope, the better. This is a very wrong concept. Affected by the shaking of hands when holding the telescope, as well as the limitation of the size and weight of the telescope and the atmospheric stability, the handheld telescope is generally 7-12 times. The telescopes used by amy or military are also basically 7 or 8 times. The mainstream top handheld binoculars are basically 8-10 times. Unless anti-shake technology is used, the magnification can be adjusted to 10-18 times. Many manufacturers take advantage of ordinary people's preference for high magnification, deliberately fake mark the telescope magnification to cater to consumers' desires. The quality of this kind of non-serious product is difficult to guarantee. It is recommended that you do not buy it.

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What magnification is more suitable?


Generally speaking, hand-held binoculars with 7-10 times is enough. Too high the magnification will cause many problems (imaging jitter, small field of view, low brightness, etc.), and serious brands generally do not use high magnification! Many brands mark it as hundreds of times, which are all fake. If you can mount a tripod, the magnification can be higher, the monocular can be high as 20-70 times, and the binoculars can be 20-30 times. Note that the magnification must be matched with the aperture. Simply increasing the magnification without increasing the aperture will result in poor imaging.

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What caliber is better?


The larger the aperture of the telescope, the better the observation effect, but more expensive, the larger the volume and the heavier the weight whereas the smaller the aperture, the observation effect is weaker, but it is small in size and light in weight and easy to carry. Generally, you can choose a binoculars with a diameter of 20-50 mm. If you use a tripod, you can choose a diameter of 50-100 mm.

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