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Company news about How to choose the right golf rangefinder stable

How to choose the right golf rangefinder stable


Latest company news about How to choose the right golf rangefinder stable


The principle of laser rangefinder is to use the propagation speed of laser or infrared in the air to calculate. When working, a very thin laser beam is emitted to the target. The photoelectric element receives the laser beam reflected by the target, and the timer measures the time from emission to reception of the laser beam to calculate the distance.


It is very simple to use, aim at the target, press the button, you can read the distance, and the laser rangefinder has high accuracy. No other auxiliary information such as stadium map is needed.


To describe it in three words: fast! accurate! stable!


The OLED high-definition display can quickly and clearly lock the target, the picture is clear, and the number is fast. At a speed of 0.5 seconds, it is an instant, and I will ask you whether you are fast or not!



6x high-precision optical lens, Class A K7 level, effectively reducing reflected light, fast enough, accurate enough, fast locking speed, more accurate output, and the accuracy can reach 0.5 degrees.


The built-in intelligent anti-shake system can effectively prevent hand shaking, blurry picture, stable distance measurement and steady swing!


How to choose the right golf rangefinder for yourself:


1. Clarify your own needs
Daily training? Professional equipment? Both?

Everyone has a purpose when buying things, and buying a golf rangefinder is no exception. Is it for daily training, or for professional competitions, or do you want to do both? Being clear about your own needs can not only reduce costs but also buy suitable products.

At the same time, although the major professional competitions have been open to allow the use of golf rangefinders, the premise is that the slope function must be turned off. In this way, the function of slope compensation has become an important factor related to professional competitions, daily training, or both.


A. Only for professional events, optional
Without slope compensation: Only linear scanning is supported. Although it can be used in daily training and professional competitions, there are slopes and bevels in daily training, which cannot accurately measure distances. It is more suitable for professional competitions.

Due to the single functions and usage scenarios and the low frequency of use, this type of rangefinder is more beautiful in price, but it is also rare on the market.


B. Only used for daily training, optional
With slope compensation but no slope compensation switch button: It is only used for daily training, but it can accurately measure the distance regardless of the horizontal plane or the slope or oblique angle.


Although this type of rangefinder is only suitable for daily training, not all golfers are professional players. Daily improvement of technology and high frequency of use is enough to use this type of rangefinder. Therefore, the price is relatively cheap and moderate, because the demand is large and there are more on the market.



C. Both daily training and professional competitions, optional
With slope compensation and slope compensation switch button: can be used in daily training and professional competitions.


When used in daily training, it can accurately measure the distance regardless of the horizontal plane, slope, bevel, etc.; when used in professional competitions, just turn off the slope compensation.
This type of rangefinder, because it can be used both in daily use and in competitions, is a two-pronged approach, one step in place, and complete functions, so the price is relatively high, but it is only expensive and nothing else.



The above three types of products
Recommended index: C>B>A
Cost: C>B>A


2. Product features and technical pros and cons
Accuracy? Out rate? Observable range?
After clarifying the type of golf rangefinder we need, let's take a look at how to filter out the products we need from this type of product.

For golf, which is highly accurate, a suitable golf range finder, accuracy, output rate, and observable range are all important to golfers. This has become a strong basis for us to screen the pros and cons of products.


1) Judgment accuracy
To measure the accuracy of a product, it can be understood from several aspects such as the magnification of the lens, the imaging effect of the lens used, the anti-shake situation, and the ability to capture the flag.

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2) Outgoing rate
In fact, whether the counting is fast or not is related to the accuracy to a certain extent. In addition, you can learn from the resolution of the display screen data and the processing of scene changes according to the weather.

latest company news about How to choose the right golf rangefinder stable  2


3) Observable distance
Since it is called a rangefinder, it is used to measure distances that cannot be judged by the naked eye. If you want to hit a ball into a 4.25-foot hole on a field with a radius of tens of acres, the observable distance is of course very important.






"One clear, two consultation and three confirmation"


①Clarify your needs: daily, competition, both, budget;


②Buy and consult whether the rangefinder is equipped with slope compensation;


③Whether there is a slope compensation switch for purchase consultation;


④Determine the required product type for slope compensation according to demand(How to determine the products you need based on slope compensation, see above);


⑤Determine the pros and cons of the required products according to the product function technology(How to determine what you need according to slope compensation, see above);


⑥According to the comprehensive consideration of product type and product technology, the product to be purchased is finally determined.









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