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Company news about How to use riflescope

How to use riflescope


Latest company news about How to use riflescope

As one of the most important parts of shooting equipment, riflescopes are indeed more accurate in aiming. Good riflescopes can maximize the accuracy of shooting equipment with poor performance, but they also have many common visual errors. , Below, let's talk about some small knowledge about the scope, including how to use the scope in each environment, in order to exert the greatest effect.


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The relevant indicators of the riflescope

1. Magnification

On the tube of the scope, the most common aspects are the brand's LOGO, style and model, and some numbers such as 3-9x40, 4x32, etc. These numbers represent the magnification of the scope and the aperture of the objective lens. For example, 3-9x40 represents the minimum 3x and maximum 9x zoom ratios. Most of the 40mm objective lens aperture is used for hunting; while 4x32 is relatively simple and easy to understand, that is, 4x magnification and 32 objective lens aperture. The 4x scope magnifies the view image by 4 times. An 8x scope magnifies the view image by 8 times, making the image look closer than a 4x scope.
This sounds very good, but there are still some small defects at high magnification. The greater the magnification of the scope, the less places you can see, which means that the field of view is narrow. You may be able to see clearly in a basketball court The details on each player's face, but only 1/3 of the basketball court can be seen, or you can see small insects crawling on the ground, but you don't know where he came from, because you can't see everything. . Therefore, even if it is a large magnification, there are certain imperfections, so you should choose the appropriate magnification according to your own use environment.

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2. The choice of fixed times, and high or low times

There are still many kinds of magnifications of the scope, like 3-6x scopes can be used for ordinary shooting, 9-12x scopes are suitable for long-distance shooting, and higher magnification scopes are suitable for longer-range target shooting, at 4x32 In this number, the number 32 represents the effective optical diameter unit of the convex lens (objective lens group), which is the millimeter level. The eyepiece refers to the lens closest to the eye, and the other lens is the objective lens. Under a certain magnification, a larger objective lens can pass more light to get a clearer picture. When the multiple increases, the required light will also increase. Otherwise, you will see a lot of shadows, and the most intuitive feeling is that the image becomes darker. This is why a higher magnification scope requires a larger objective lens. This is the reason. A 4x32 scope is brighter than a 12x40 scope, because the 32mm objective lens has a larger contribution to the light intensity than the 40mm objective lens.

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3. Variable magnification scope

Many scopes have adjustable focus. In addition to the 4x32 scope, you will also see a 4-12x32 scope. In this case, the scope is a minimum of 4x all the way to 12x power and the objective lens is a 32mm objective lens, as mentioned above.
The reason why zoom scopes are very popular is that they allow you to choose the magnification. For example, when the target is close, you can use low magnification at the beginning. When the target gets farther away, it can be adjusted to a larger magnification, which is relatively more flexible!

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4. Aim at the crosshairs

This crosshair is usually called CROSSHAIRS. It includes a horizontal line and a vertical line. In the past they were really made of silk or spider webs, but now they are more often made of wire mesh or etched on glass. They are usually packaged in a round tube called ERECTOR TUBE (installation tube) and the tube can be moved to a suitable position by adjusting the knob. This is why the crosshairs are located in the middle of all scopes. The crosshairs of some riflescopes from Europe will move in your field of vision when you adjust them, but most users like that the crosshairs are always in the middle.
There are many types of crosshairs on the market, but only a few are popular. The simple and clear crosshairs are just like their names. They are two intersecting lines with no other characteristics. Because this kind of crosshair is often used for paper targets, the image in the lens will be very clear and will not be disturbed by various lines.



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