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Company news about Maintenance of the telescope

Maintenance of the telescope


Latest company news about Maintenance of the telescope

A. Do not wipe the objective or eyepiece with other ordinary cloth, but use the flannel or other soft cloth included in the telescope bag to wipe the eyepiece objective of the telescope.
B. When removing residual dirt or stains, you can put one or two drops of alcohol one or two drops of alcohol, it is best to use a cloth to moisten the dot, because the amount is not easy to control.

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C. Although everyone buys waterproof mirrors, even if they fall into the water, there will be no problems with use. But as far as maintaining the telescope is concerned, keeping the telescope in a dry environment is beneficial to the baby's coating and the telescope. The waterproof and nitrogen filling function is only in case of falling water and moisture, and is not afraid of moisture and mold on the internal optical parts.
D. Do not try to clean the inside of the telescope or disassemble the telescope, the telescope is actually very complex, the optical axis is broken to be debugged on the telescope's special instrument to debug the optical axis. As soon as the telescope is disassembled, its optical axis will change, so that the imaging of the left and right cylinders will not overlap, making your glasses uncomfortable, and in serious cases, they cannot be used at all. Do not fall on the telescope, heavy pressure or other strenuous action, mainly for the telescope's optical axis considerations, heavy fall, heavy pressure or other strenuous action is also easy to destroy the telescope's optical axis to use any glasses uncomfortable, please send me, we'll help you to repair free of charge.
E. Do not use the telescope to directly observe the sun, which is a major caution for all telescopes, just like taking medicine has × × × prohibited, strong sunlight by the focus of the telescope, like a magnifying glass concentrated light, will burn your eye drops!


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F. For cost and weight, carrying lightweight considerations, most of the current telescope is not a metal body, heavy fall, heavy pressure, easy to damage. So everyone should love like a dog?
G.The desiccant I was equipped with actually did not make much sense for waterproof telescopes, and it was thrown away after a year of failure. But if you are not waterproof baby, it is best to replace it regularly (half a year to a year) to prevent the inside from being damp and moldy. The desiccant should be able to be bought, and there are also some in some goods, which can be borrowed, huh ~ ~
H. After using the baby, when placed, first look at the table there is no foreign matter, do not put on other items to prevent scratching or dirty objective lens, eyepiece.
i. The telescope should still be dripping upright, not placing the eyepiece down. (Everyone on earth knows it!) ), because some parts are coated with lubricating grease, and some places are also designed with oil tanks, which can be left for a long time or the weather is too hot, and may flow to places where it should not be dripping.


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