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Company news about Optical glass

Optical glass


Latest company news about Optical glass

Optical glass

Optical Glass is Glass material used in the manufacture of lenses, prisms, mirrors, Windows, etc. of optical instruments or mechanical systems. Including colorless optical glass (usually referred to as optical glass), colored optical glass, radiation resistant optical glass, radiation resistant glass and optical quartz glass.


Optical glass has high transparency, high uniformity in chemistry and physics (structure and performance), and has specific and precise optical constants.


It can be divided into silicate, borate, phosphate, fluoride and chalcogenide series. There are many varieties, classified mainly by their position in the refractive index (nD) -Abbe (VD) diagram. Traditionally nD> 1.60 VD> 50 and nD< 1.60 VD> 55 of the various types of glass as crown (K) glass, the rest of the various types of glass as flint (F) glass.


Crown glass is usually used as a convex lens and flint glass as a concave lens. Usually the crown glass belongs to the alkaline borosilicate system, the light crown glass belongs to the aluminum silicate system, the heavy crown glass and barium flint glass belong to the alkali free borosilicate system, and most of the flint glass belongs to the lead potassium silicate system. With the continuous broadening of the application field of optical glass, its variety is expanding, its composition almost includes all the elements in the periodic table.


An inorganic glassy material that transmits light by refraction, reflection, or transmission or that changes the intensity or spectral distribution of light by absorption. It has stable optical properties and high optical uniformity.

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Optical Glass Classification

1、Colorless Optical Glass

It has special requirement for optical constant, high transmittance in visible region, no selective absorption coloring and so on.

The number is divided into corona glass and flint glass, and each type is divided into several kinds according to the refractive index, and the refractive index is arranged in order. It is mainly used as lens, prism, reflector of telescope, microscope, camera, etc.


2.Anti-irradiation Optical Glass

High energy radiation has a large absorption capacity, high lead glass and CAO-B2O2 system glass, the former can prevent γ ray and X-ray radiation, the latter can absorb slow neutron and thermal neutron, mainly used in the nuclear industry, medical field as shielding and peeping window material.

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3.Irradiation-resistant Optical Glass

In a certain γ ray, X ray irradiation, visible area transmittance changes less, varieties and brand and colorless optical glass is the same, for the manufacture of high-energy radiation optical instruments and peeping window.

4.Colored Optical Glass

Also known as filter glass. It has selective absorption and transmission properties for specific wavelengths in ultraviolet, visible and infrared regions. According to spectral characteristics, it is divided into selective absorption type, cut-off type and neutral gray type. According to the coloring mechanism, it is divided into three categories: ionic coloring, metal colloid coloring and sulfur selenide coloring, which are mainly used for manufacturing light filters.

5.Ultraviolet and Infrared Optical Glass

In ultraviolet or infrared band with a specific optical constant and high transmittance, used as ultraviolet, infrared optical instrument or as a window material.

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6.Optical Quartz Glass

With silica as the main component, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, high mechanical strength and good chemical properties. It is used for manufacturing prisms, lenses, Windows and mirrors with special requirements for various bands. In addition, there are photomask plates for large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing, liquid crystal display panels, image optical disc base sheet glass; Magneto-optical glass in which the plane of polarization rotates when light passes through the glass in the direction of magnetic field lines; Light in a certain direction through the transmission of ultrasonic glass, light diffraction, reflection, convergence or optical frequency shift of the acoustooptic glass.

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