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Company news about Telescope Power

Telescope Power


Latest company news about Telescope Power

Telescope Power

The power of hand-held binoculars are basically between 7 and 10 times. It is not that higher power telescopes are difficult to make, but because long-term practice has found that 7~10 times is the most suitable multiple range for hand-held binoculars. Military handheld Telescopes strictly follow this standard. Like military handheld telescopes, there are no more than 10 times. The most commonly used are 7 times and 8 times. For example, the most commonly used handheld telescopes in the Iraqi battlefield with the US military are 7 times. And in China the most classic military telescope is 8 times. The optical industry sets 7, 8 and 10 times as the best standard multiple range for handheld telescopes.


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Desktop telescope
According to different needs, optical instrument manufacturers have also designed and produced various types of telescopes. Some people need to carry them with them when traveling, that is, the above-mentioned hand-held telescopes. Sometimes you don't need to carry it with you, you don't need a wide field of view, and you need a higher magnification, that's a high-power desktop telescope. In order to reduce the shaking caused by too high power, desktop telescopes need a tripod to assist in fixing. Therefore, it is not suitable for traveling and traveling requires consumers to choose the corresponding products according to their needs.

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Military telescope
The price of a real military handheld telescope is at least thousands of yuan, and the power are the same as those of a regular civilian handheld telescope. All are between 7 times and 10 times, and civilian handheld telescopes do not exceed 12 times at most. There are no military handheld telescopes that exceed 10 times, but many unscrupulous vendors use people's ignorance to call their telescopes "military telescopes" or "Russian telescopes", claiming to be "20 times", "50 times", etc.,To mislead and deceive consumers. In fact, most of the so-called "military telescopes" on the market are not only not real military telescopes, but in fact most of them are the inferior products produced by the small workshops. The difference between military and civilian can be seen from the photos. The advantages of heavy metals, densely packed screws, and military-grade products are mainly high sturdiness and high waterproofness, and there are special countries. Military standard. Ordinary people, if you don't go to the deep mountains and old forests, or go to war in the desert of Iraq, what do you buy military binoculars for? It is equivalent to saying that you are on the highway, you don't drive cars, and you drive tanks--a waste of money, and speed is not necessarily fast, for most people. It's not necessary at all. Although there are military products, unless necessary (professional outdoor adventures, military enthusiasts, demanding law enforcement officers), it is not recommended for ordinary people to choose. For users who really need such products, a number of military products with excellent optics (which are very close to or reach the optical level of some of the top European telescopes) have been developed in China in recent years, although we have not officially equipped our army in large quantities, or just It is used for foreign military exports, but it has also attracted the attention of many telescopes and military enthusiasts in my country. The military telescope provided now is the most typical representative.

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