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Company news about Thermal imaging versus night vision

Thermal imaging versus night vision


Latest company news about Thermal imaging versus night vision

Thermal imaging is also a type of night vision device, but thermal imaging is very different from ordinary night vision devices! Thermal imaging is based on passive reception of infrared energy that radiates outward from everything above absolute zero! The detected infrared rays are defined and imaged according to the different temperature of different objects and the intensity of radiation. Various styles of display modes, including common white heat, black heat, pseudo-color, etc.!

The night vision device is actively receiving for imaging. The night vision device must have an external light source that reflects on the object and then receives the image in the night vision device machine. Night vision devices focus existing ambient light (starlight, moonlight or infrared light) through the front lens. This light, composed of photons, enters a photon cathode tube, turning the photons into electrons. The electrons are then amplified to larger numbers through electronic and chemical processes. The electrons are then projected onto a screen, turning the magnified electrons back into visible light, which can be seen through the eyepiece.


Birds in the wild under total darkness night vision
Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of thermal imaging and night vision
The advantage of night vision is that it can clearly see the target to determine what the target looks like, a cat, a person or a rabbit. Thermal imaging can only identify and determine the target, see the outline of the person or the target, and determine what the target is from the contour behavior. If the target is not fully exposed, or is too far away what you see on the display is an obvious dot! Because thermal imaging is imaged based on temperature differences, there are false targets! At the same time, the price of thermal imaging is much more expensive than that of night vision devices.
Thermal imaging with high thermal sensitivity and delicate imaging
The advantage of thermal imaging is that it can clearly display targets with large temperature differences, see far away, can also be used in a completely dark environment, can penetrate smoke, and strong light has no effect on thermal imaging. The disadvantage of night vision is that it can't see far, and it needs supplementary light in a completely dark environment, and it cannot recognize camouflage.
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