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Company news about What magnification telescope is right for you?

What magnification telescope is right for you?


Latest company news about What magnification telescope is right for you?

Generally speaking, the magnification of ordinary hand-held telescopes should not exceed 10 times, because there will be slight shaking when holding the telescope.
When observing through a telescope, the jitter will be amplified accordingly. The higher the magnification, the greater the jitter.

A violently shaking object cannot be seen clearly by the human eye. This is also the reason why the magnification of military telescopes is generally only 7/8 times. For example, the parameter of TONTUBE's classic military telescope YBPC series is 7x50, which is widely praised by the army.

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In addition, the magnification of a telescope placed on a tripod is also limited, because the atmosphere is affected by ground buildings and other factors, and the density is not uniform. When the distant observed object reflects (or transmits, emits) light Slight refraction occurs when passing through these inhomogeneous atmospheres, causing blurred images. And the higher the telescope magnification, the more obvious this blurring is.


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Generally speaking, in low-altitude cities, the magnification of the telescope should not exceed 40 times. In addition, the magnification is large, The actual field of view is small. In this way, it is not conducive to discovering and searching for targets, especially for the observation of frequently changing targets. even though Once the target is found, it is easy to lose the target if the tripod is slightly shaken. For those without automatic tracking device, it is necessary to manually adjust frequently to keep the target within sight. In addition, to increase the magnification, it is also necessary to increase the aperture of the objective lens accordingly to ensure imaging.There is sufficient brightness, and the human eye cannot see clearly without brightness. As a result, the volume, weight and price of the telescope will increase dramatically.
Therefore, one should not pursue magnifications one-sidedly. As for many elevation telescopes on the market, the magnifications are generally exaggerated, and a small number of magnifications are true. The reason for this is very simple. The primary purpose of factories and businesses is to pursue profits. Instead of popularizing the correct knowledge of telescopes, since the market needs high-power telescopes, it is better to cater to this consumption concept rather than guide the correct consumption concept. Generally speaking, the diameter of the telescope is larger and the magnification is higher - the higher the ability to distinguish the telescope. Some, porro prism telescopes have higher resolution than roof prism telescopes, and coated mirrors have higher resolution. It should be emphasized that the magnification of the telescope is only one of the many related factors that affect the resolving power, and it is not advisable to blindly pursue a large magnification.


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How to Identify Poor Quality Telescopes

In general, poor quality telescopes have several typical characteristics:
1 Very light weight, this is due to the extensive use of plastic parts to reduce costs, and the density of plastic is very low
2 Coated with red film, so that you can falsely claim that the telescope has infrared night vision function
3 The appearance is colorful, so it can be falsely claimed to be a military telescope. In fact, the real military telescopes are basically black or army green.
4. Long time dizziness, this is because to increase the output, there is no time to correct the parallelism of the two mirrors' simple optical axes
5. The packaging is simple and there are no products.
6. The sales place is in the small commodity wholesale market, or it is a mobile street vendor. Buying low-quality binoculars not only suffers economic losses, but also damages eyesight after long-term use. In addition, do not use the telescope to observe the sun directly, it will cause great damage to the eyes!

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